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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

The CSAT is a strategic activity for businesses and organizations-public and private, small, medium and large-because it is a key antecedent to building customer trust and loyalty, and creating a valuable customer base in economic-financial terms.

Measuring CSAT can be done using more or less complex methodologies and tools, which require more or less time to design, execute and process. Of course, the type of methodology and tool adopted for the measurement of CSAT is a function of he objectives and depth of analysis that the company aims to achieve, including from the perspective of the consequent strategies and actions to be implemented.

Among other activities, with the help of Business Intelligence tools we develop systems for strategic and continuous measurement and monitoring of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), resulting in the identification of priority actions for its improvement over time.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A first approach is that based on the NPS-Net Promoter Score, which is easily adapted to the needs of the enterprise and can be rapidly implemented, both for the data collection and processing phases. The results of the NPS provide an overall and general (overall) picture of company-brand/customer relations; they highlight immediate, albeit general, alarm bells in terms of customer satisfaction that need to be answered.

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